KKH ward A1

Hi mommies, any of you recently gave birth . Does A1 room do have subsidies? Can we use medisave ?

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All A1 wards in public hospitals have 0% government subsidies. B1 ward has up to 20% government subsidies. Regardless of your ward class, you can utilize your Medisave for both you and your baby's stay but just that your cash top up will be significantly more for private wards. Do note that baby's stay is a separate bill and it is tagged to mummy's ward class. In the event that baby needs special care (E.g. Icu or high dependency), baby's bill will also be tagged to private rates.

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A1 is a private class. There are no subsidies at all. You can use Medisave for part of the bill

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A1 Is not under subsidy. medisave can only use a small portion as compared to other class.

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A1 can still be deducted by medisave. However, the top up cash payment is about 3k.

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No subsidy. Medisave can claim $2.5k