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Hi mummies who recently gave birth at NUH, I wanna know your experience and the overall charges (deposit and cash top-ups) for A1 and B1. Isit worth gg for A1? Does B1 have any subsidies, just don’t want to be surprised when I see the final bill🌝

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from what i knew is under Government there's no subsidies for A1 and only if you want to have personal privacy and your husband want to stay overnight with you. As for B1(4 bedded with TV), there's 20% subsidies. And lastly, B2(6 bedded no TV) subsidies 75%. So most likely B2 no need to fork out $ unless staying longer.

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2mo ago

Thanks for replying, good to know that there’s at least subsidies for B1, so if any complications the fees will not be as shocking heh

hopefully she is okay

not sure