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Hi mommies, do u know any confinement provider that provide a good service? What is the suggested period to use confinement service? 3 days, 7 days or better to take 1 month service?

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min 3 hari . dengan buat lah penutup nya sekali time hari ke 45 . hari tu saya ambil @kasma_urut_pantang . bagi saya okay tapi saya tak sure dia cover selangor area mana je .

Hai , yes im too Looking for the service . But some say 5 days enough .. some said 1 week .. dont know Which one to follow .. hope our seniorss can answer for this question

it depends on you. 3days, 7days, 44days, or even 60days if you can afford. it depends on how fast you can recover.

I took only 5 days...but depends on your healing progress..some needed more days

Sis, search mamacare under lppkn. Rasanya cover 1 malaysia

3y ago

Tq for info sis