2 days to edd no signs of contraction / water bag burst

Hi mommies , im quite worried 2 days to edd .. I don’t have any signs of contractions yet .. feeling very full as this week is my 40 Weeks . It’s my first baby , what shall I do ? 🥺🥺 wait till burst or go hospital on my edd ?

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it may even go beyond 40 weeks. what did your gynae say, is there a follow up appointment? did gynae recommend induction? water bag may not burst, and it’s not the only sign of labour. some may have bloody show instead, which happened it my case.

Check in with your gynae and ask. Mine said that if baby is not out by 40 weeks, it is still ok and we can wait. By Week 41 and baby is still not out, she will induce as she doesn’t recommend beyond 41 weeks.