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Hi mommies. I need to rant.. i hate my Inlaws so much.. so much that it affects me mentally. My in laws doesnt respect me as their DIL. They always disrespect me by showing importance to my husbands ex wife.. it upsets me alot.. my husband is aware of the situation n have spoken to his parents. But they dont seem to care. Im expecting my 2nd child now and due in 4 weeks time. Do yall know they never ones checked up on me.. they really dont care at all.. but they will paint the picture like im the bad DIL. All i asked is to give me the due respect as their DIL.. nothing more.... i really hate them so much.... please mommies.. its affecting my mood and i feel very distanced away from my husband because of this.. i dont know how to tell him how i feel... cos i always rant to him and i feel like there is only that much he can take....

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Jia you mummy! It’s hard enough being pregnant or a new mum, don’t add extra worry to your life by caring about what other people say and think lah