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Hello mommies! I just learned that kids should get a flu vaccine each year. Having been immunized last year won't protect someone from getting the flu this year because flu viruses constantly change. The vaccine is updated each year to include the most current strains of the virus. #vaccine #Vaccination #booster #boosters #vaccinationeducation #immunization #immunityboost #immunity #TeamBakuNanay

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Yes! goal ko din yearly magka flu shot buong fam laking tulong. magkaka flu ka man pero not severe as in 3 days lang sipon mo

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Yes mommy, need talaga ng mga kids and adults din ang yearly flu vaccine shot.

Yes my baby is 5 and every year of summer nakasched sya ng flu vax ☺️


wow! I didn't know this mommy. thanks sa info. need pala every year

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Really? Thats alarming. Thanks for sharing mommy.


yes this is correct mommy :)

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Thanks for sharing mommy! :)

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thank you for the update!!

Hindi ako nagpa flu kai lo