Mommies I have a sudden dip in breast milk production. What can I do to restore supply? I was getting a good 100 ml - 150ml at each pumping. Then day before yesterday I did not get to pump very well and empty the breasts nor pump often, I felt engorgement in one side. I applied warm compress & immediately started regular pumping.The production that breast went down yesterday & I could draw only 50ml from both sides. I kept pumping every 2-3 hours all day yesterday and I could get 50ml per session. Today the production of the other side has gone down too frown emoticon

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Hi mummy, it could be that your pump is not emptying your breasts well. It happens at times to me as well. You are doing good with the hot compress method. To empty your breasts even more, do massage your breasts before you start pumping and during your pump as well. You can use either your knuckles or the comb method using a wooden comb to comb towards your nipples. After pumping try to also hand express whatever milk that may be stuck near ur areola. Dangle feeding when you latch can also help to clear blocked ducts if you are able to latch. I find that baby clears the ducts best. When all else fails, power pumping is a lifesaver. :)

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Try cluster feeding.. and keep pumping at least 3-4 times a day with a gap of 3-4 hrs.. your milk should come to a good flow.. one n half month old baby requires a feed every 2.5 -3 hrs.. The more u feed.. the more your body will produce.

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A sudden dip in milk production may be because you unknowingly consumed a milk killer. Continue drinking lots of fluid and taking in protein to bring up your supply.

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how long have you been pumping ?

for almost two months