more discharge??

hi mommies to be, may I ask if its normal to have more discharge during pregnancy? I'm having alot of discharge, but in mild yellowish color, no itch, no burning sensation etc. I used to wear 1 pantyliner a day, now I need to use at least 2. it kinda worries me... cause its mild yellow plus I'm having more now. would love to hear ur experience! I'm about 9 weeks now though..

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Pls do change your panty liner frequently, after every toilet visits and when it's wet. Just like how you change your pad when you're having your menses. Women are prone to UTI and other infections as our uterus is located low. And it's normal to have yellowish discharge during pregnancy. Shouldn't have a smell, bleed, itch or pain.

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Im currently one more day reaching 9 weeks and i experience the same thing as you..even when im pregnant with my first son i have the same thing.. it has got to do with the rising hormonal levels in early long as no itch, no foul smell , no bleeding..u should be fine!

Discharge is usually normal when there is no smell or itchiness. If it starts to smell or u feel itchy pls let ur gynae know about it.

It's normal but if accompanied with blood stain and itching maybe u have infection but yellow is just normal

1 panty liner a day is a no no... please change more frequently, will get infection

I do have brown discharge throughout pregnancy. best to check with doctor

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see a doctor if it itches or have foul smell. otherwise should be ok

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Better go to the hospital dan see doctor.

yes normal

Yes normal