Baby colic

Hi mommies , my 8 weeks baby seems to everyday wake up from 530 to 7 and becomes very fussy and cranky , refuses to drink milk how he use to. The moment we put him down he out his legs up and gets fussy and takes out gas. Is it due to colic ? Hes been doing this from last 1 week.

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Hi mama! My 2 month old baby is gassy as well. He twists and turns in the middle of the night. We realise he had to burp. Tips that we figured helped our little boy: 1. Burp him after feeds. Burp him well. You can burp him in-between feeds as well. We keep our boy inclined for 30 mins after feeds. 2. Tummy time! 1hour after feed or 30 mins before feed. 3. Massage. 2 or 3 times a day. 4. Easy way out without using ridwind: happy oil or yu yee oil. heheh. Ridwind didn't help him honestly.

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try tummy massage, binding tummy & anti colic bottles (if bottle feeding)

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yes, might be due to.colic try massage his tummy when diaper change

Yes is due to colic, you may want to get rid wind