Bottle strike?! Please help!

Hi mommies, my 3-month-old daughter suddenly changed her drinking habit. Since 2 weeks ago, she dropped her intake by half (from 900ml to ~ 500ml per day). And for the past 1 week, she refused to take milk from bottles, be it breastmilk or formula. She had been taking milk from bottles since birth without any resistence. Now she gets angry, arches back and forth and pushes the bottle away by hands. She only accepts latch-on. My breastmilk supply is not enough for her consumption. Hence, I can't let her go on without formula top-up. Any mommies experience this before? Please help me! Thanks alot!

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It's a phase and will over after awhile. what I did was latch every 2 hourly. Our body works amazingly it can produce enough to make baby full. If you're worried about baby not taking enough due to supply you can try taking milk booster food and do more skin to skin it helps.

2y ago

Will try that for now. Hopefully the phase is gonna be over soon. Thanks for the advice.