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Hello mommas! I noticed that my newborn (3 weeks) pass her motion (bowel movement) only once a day for two days already. Her bowel is quite many. It filled-up the whole diaper. I’m not sure if once a day is normal. She is taking formula milk, S26. I also noticed she just keeps on farting or looks like trying to pass motion but nothing comes out. One more thing… we noticed she looks calmer when using pigeon bottle than philips avent. But this just happened two days ago. Before she was ok with both bottles and pass motion frequently (2-3 times a day). I’m not sure if this is normal. If not could it be the milk we’re feeding her or the teat/nipple bottle? Thank you moms!

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my nanny says that for babies on formula milk quite common for bowels once a day. if baby is constipated could be that milk powder not so suitable. probably have to trial and error.. but if baby on breastmilk, can expect more bowels throughout the day.

I would think it’s normal cause baby is reaching a month old. But I’m not a medical expert

is the stool hard or normal or soft?