My baby is 2 weeks old.. Today it has been 3days since she last pass motion.. This morning she pass motion but the stool is kinda hard for her to let it out, worried and upset seeing my baby like this.. Can i know what causes it? Im giving her bm too but at time due to less bm i give her formula.. Does she need to change to a new formula milk?

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I am also a pumper, so my baby takes bm during the day and supplement with formula at night since he was born, and he has always been able to poop daily. I always add an additional 5ml or 10ml water to the formula milk to make it a little dilute (like bm), though I am not sure if it helps with easier pooping. I use nan though.

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3y ago

Is nan good? Because for now im giving her dumex planing to change to a different milk