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Hi mga momshie. i'm selling luxxe protect pure grapeseed food supplement from front row. baka interested po kayo. pm po sa details ???

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Ano po benefits niyan? :)

4y ago

✔damage cells ✔anti allergies, infection and inflammation ✔ low blood pressure ✔ulcer ✔hair loss ✔stretch marks ✔dry itchy skin ✔sunburns warts and scars ✔dandruffs ✔varicose veins ✔✔ 50 times more powerful than vitamin C and 20 times powerful vitamin E ✔✔ ✔provides abundant source of vegatable protien, lipids and poluphenois ✔ fight stress and fatigue ✔fights and prevent cancer ✔reduce the risk of heart disease ✔grapseed oil offers great benefit to our skin and heal wounds rapidly ✔restore collagen (stronger lood vessels) ✔improves vascular strenght ✔normalize vowel movement ✔regulates sleeping patterns