Injectable Family Planning

Mga momsh, just wanna ask po kung sino mga injectable family planning na gamit mga momsh, ano side effect nito sa inyo ma?

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"According po kay Dr. Chris Soriano from our #AskDok Live chat session: ""Family planning methods you can choose: 1. Natural family planning (fertility awareness-based) methods such as calendar rhythm, cervical mucus method, temperature-rhythm method or standard days method. But this is effective for women with regular and predictable menstrual cycle. 2. Contraceptive pills. You need to take this same time everyday. It will stop breastmilk production. It is advisable if you do not smoke, do not have history of heart attack or stroke, do not have a history of breast cancer, do not have a history of cholesterol problem, or do not have history of cancer of colon or uterus. 3. Injectable. Same precautions as pills. This is given every 3 months. You can breastfeed while on injectables. 4. Implant. Same precautions as pills. It is inserted once and it is good for 3 years. 5. IUD. You can have it inserted during your menses. It can last for 5-8 years. 6. Condom Ideally, after 2 years interval."""

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