First solid food ni baby

Hi mga mommies, my Lo just turned 6mos and first solid food nya ay mashed kalabasa. I dunno if ayaw nya ng kalabasa or bago lang sa panlasa nya. sobrang konti po kasi ng kinakaen nya then sa gabi ayaw na. is it normal po ba or any suggestion on how to feed my baby. thanks po in advance.

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ang alam ko po mumsh, try po one spoon po a day mix po with our breastmilk. Until po mkapagadjust si baby s solid then we can do a spoon s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Further if ok n sya we can go for more spoonfuls..This is only based on my friends who are mommy n din😉 Normal din n pinupush back nla ungfood at first kc ngaadjust sila

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