May I know what will happen if i eat chicken in the first week of confinement? Heard some of the mummies saying that cannot eat chicken and egg in the first week.

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Honestly I never heard of such a rule before and like Jamie, I'm pretty sure I had chicken within my 1st week after giving birth. Black kampung chicken to be very specific and it was sooooo good! I had varieties of meat and fish thorough my confinement and mine was from a homemaker who I took up a package with. She has tons of experience cooking confinement food so I'm pretty sure she knows what she's doing. Likewise, no side effects from eating chicken.

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I actually ate chicken in my first week of confinement. It was on the menu of Natal Essentials, where I ordered my confinement food delivery from. I did not suffer any side effects. Each meal came with pork, fish, chicken and vegetables. It's more important to eat a wide variety of foods than to restrict yourself. Most of them are just hearsay. If you had a c-section, do avoid shellfish as it is said to make the wound itch.

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