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Are massages good for #newborn babies? Please suggest!!

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Yes, definitely! It can soothe your baby and help in better sleep. There are some additional benefits including weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation and easing teething pain.

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Yes .. nbies must need massage to stretch their body n strengthen bones n muscles also they hv gd relaxed sleep after massage , if possible better to give massage for twice a day

Definitely! Massage can help soothe your baby and help her to sleep. It has many benefits too, such as improving weight gain, aiding digestion and improving circulation :)

Yes, my confinement lady taught me some basic massages when applying body lots n after baby bath :) the babies enjoy it! Good bonding for mummy and baby too

Yes it definitely helps to relax them... As part of a routine, it can help them fall asleep. Tummy massages helps with colic or constipation issues too :)

Massages are good as it helps soothe and calm the baby. Please do so carefully and only use products that are made for babies.

Yes, massages relax them. And my mom tells me from my childhood days that I used to sleep after massages :)

Generally yes. It’s believed that it enhances blood circulation and results in better bones and muscles

Yes, besides a time to bond with them, it has a soothing and calming effect on them.

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I use Yu Yee oil to rub on my baby’s tummy and feet to relieve ‘wind’