Resign after maternity leave

Hi! I’m planning to be a full time mom for a year. I plan to resign after my maternity leave but thinking when is the “right time” to resign because employers might not be happy about it. How long do you take to resign? Weeks or months later? #pleasehelp

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There isn’t a right time to resign - you’re not indispensable to the company always remember that. They can always find another person to replace you, no matter how they may give the impression that you are the only one who can do the job. Please always prioritize family needs especially in this season of your life with a newborn to care for. If you have enough trust with your boss, you can choose to give Him or her a heads up on your intention to resign to take care of your baby full time nearer to the end of maternity leave period. So that he or she can have sufficient time to find your replacement. Else, just inform your employer when you return back to work with your resignation letter.

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Thank you!!! 😄