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Hi Mamas! I’m 6 weeks into pregnancy. Any food that I have to avoid during this period? I understand from my gynae that no alcohol and raw food. Any other food I’ll have to take note of? :)

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I eat whatever i want to eat. 🤣 I even eat samyang noodle and durians during my 14weeks pregnancy. The only food i avoid was pineapple, grapes, raw food like salmon (i ate cooked sushi). Anything that is raw i avoid.

11mo ago

Google if youre unsure!

In this app. You can check the food u are taking. They provide infor things to avoid Basically all raw food , alcohol , certain Chinese herbs

gynae told me no raw, half cooked, alcohol. the rest (like pineapples) are myths..

Half-boiled eggs, papaya, salad, caffeinated beverages,


no raw no herb no alcohol everything in moderation

no soft cheeses and only drink UHT milk..

Pineapple 🍍and Papaya

Chinese herbs!