What can or cannot do during first trimester ?

Hello lovely mommies out there! I’m a newbie and gonna be first time mom also. I wanna hear from all moms out there on what can and cannot do during early pregnancy. It’s pretty generic question but no harm asking, right ? 😀 Any tips or good info? Thanks mommies 🙏

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Super Mum

Congrats!:) Do: -get enough rest -take your folic acid -try to eat a well balanced diet -talk to people you can trust to establish a network of support -continue to maintain a good relationship with your partner -start thinking about care arrangements when baby pops -pamper yourself a little. Heh Don’t: -overexert yourself -drink alcohol -take too much caffeine -stress out (even if the hormones kick in). Find ways to relax and destress -do things that may potentially hurt you and your baby eg. Contact sports/riding a motorcycle, etc

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