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Looking for affordable counselling session. I'm almost going to be 6months pregnant and my boyfriend decided to leave me. No doubts I have alot of support from family, friends and colleagues but I can't control my emotions. Have been thinking and crying alot and I know it's not good for me and baby. Would appreciate if anyone can recommend a good counsellor at an affordable cost Thank you

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If you need an affordable one, make an appointment at the polyclinic. Speak to a doc regarding your mental health.. the right referrals to Govt hospital of your choice will be made. Don’t worry.. they won’t refer you to IMH. They have counsellors, psychologists in normal hospitals as well. If your are financially tight, there will be a medical welfare officer to take care of that needs. You will get the necessary support from there.. trust me, you are not alone. I’ll be more than willing to guide you along. *HUGS*

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10mo ago

Thanks alot, really appreciate the information. Lucky thing is it only hits me on and off, not all the time, so I feel I do need someone to talk to before it gets worse

I guess when you have your little one in your arms, you will realise that a mother is the strongest creature you can ever find on earth. You are stronger than you thought, I hope you seek help through the various channels as suggested by other comments and ride through this. You are never alone in the journey of motherhood and parenthood, which is why there are communities like these being created to provide support to all parents. Hugs to you, take great care of yourself and the baby.

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I agree. Make an appointment at polyclinic. The dr will access u and may ask u personal questions before referring u to the psychologist there or maybe at a hospital. I've made an appointment at cck poly but not when I was pregnant though. It was a great help! Even my spouse finally understood what was wrong with me and my mental health. Just know that you're not alone.

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Hi dear, Others have already given you resources, so I won’t. You’re grieving and it feels like everything is crashing down on you. Grief washes over you like waves and it hurts. Know that you’re not alone and how you’re feeling is normal. This too shall pass.. Jia you! Reach out if you need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on ok? ❤️

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I understand how it feels definitely not easy. Hope you get over it soon always have hope! I used to call different suicidal and counselling hotlines and bother them throughout because my friends and family all felt exhausted consoling me. Just had to keep myself occupied and I did a lot of part time jobs

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You can actually let u doctor know during your kkh appointment they hv counsellors.... during pregnancy we are usually very emotional. Life is full of ups n downs we must face whatever situation that comes bravely. Take good care of your self n ur baby. This will also pass.

there's a few polyclinic with a stationed mood doctor. you can dial in to make appointment. https://www.nhgp.com.sg/Our_Services/General_Medical_Services/Psychology__Services/

Thank you everyone, its really heartwarming to see all your replies and help. This is also one thing that keeps me going on, knowing that I have support everywhere, thank you

Pls call Pasir Ris Family Service Centre at 6581 2159. I have been attending counselling with them for years and it helped save my marriage.

Hi! You can approach your nearest family service Center and they provide counselling as well. If I’m not wrong, it’s foc