Fever can't eat rice? 🤣

Lol my MIL told me don't feed baby rice or porridge when they got fever if not fever will spike. First time heard of it, ive been eating porridge when Im sick, didnt make me any sicker. Anyone heard of this? if not im just gonna fuck it and cook porridgd for my baby cuz hes having stomach flu, want to cook somethong more easily chew and digestable.

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my mother told me fever, best is eat porridge cos the rice water from the cooked porridge is very nutritious apparently and helps to replenish fluids to the body. that's all. not really say cannot eat rice.

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No logic one lah, no scientific fact about it. Fever can eat anything mah. U need to let the baby tummy not empty so she/he will be full of energy and easily to get well soon also

heard this since young but never ask why 😅 mom will always cook porridge when any of us having fever

On the contrary, my mil told me fall sick must eat rice so recover faster 🤣🤣🤣

My mil also said the same thing.. So i tried to cook some soup noodles

My mom told me the same thing -.- idk what logic is this

My MIL said the same thing 😅

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Never heard of it either 😅


never heard of it too