My LO is turning one year soon and I am wondering if instead of changing his FM to stage 3,is it possible if I just use milk powder like nespray instead?

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May I know your concerns for not continuing with formula milk? The nutrients might not be enough in normal milk powder. The first 3 years of life are critical to the development of their brain. I am currently feeding my girl the new Similac 2'FL. It contains nucleotides to help support the child's natural body defences as well. She has never shown any signs of rejection, hence I will continue with the Stage 3 when she turns 1 year old in a few months' time since this formulation is also good for eye and brain development.

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Like what other mummies suggested, have you considered fresh milk instead? Milk after 1 year old is just a supplement, the main source of nutrients should be from food - in fact, you can do without milk if LO is okay with it! As for nespray or formula, I'd suggest you take note of the nutrition value and instructions on nespray because some of them are only meant for 6 years old and above.

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I suggest you ask your doctor for the right recommendation. Read up on nespray and if its suitable for you LO, and you dont see any side-effects. should be ok

HPB recommends full cream cow's milk after one year along with a balanced diet.

Why not just give your LO fresh cow's milk?

Try goat milk or fresh milk instead?