How to get toddler to wear mask

My LO is turning 2yr old. I wan to train him to wear mask but everytime we pass him the mask he will just push it away or say no..

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I bought cute reusable masks for my son (dinosaur / robot) and mask lanyard for him. I get him to choose the design he wants to wear for that day. He will happily hang it on his neck but wont wear it until he reaches school. The teachers will encourage them to wear their mask. Dont force your child. Let him slowly adjust to it, even we adults have the tendency to remove it whenever possible. Can get toddler size (XS) masks from โ€œForever familyโ€ - the same merlion mask from the ndp bag.

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my boy starting also dislike to wear mask. After started his playgroup. teacher start to train him wear mask. now he at school wear at home don't like to wear too but we have to tell him now there's a virus out there everybody have to wear if u don't wear u cannot go out. actually now he wear mask also not correct. not pushing up to his nose area but at least he wear it when outside.

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Same here. Her Teacher at school helped, it also helps when she sees all her classmates wearing masks. She knows she has to wear in school but usually choose not to wear everywhere else. Have to keep telling her and trying.

I started with showing him pandemic poster - wash hand, sanitise, wearing mask etc tried few different mask and finally got him the one he feel comfy now he will even remind his dad wear mask whenever he wants to go out

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i tink your child is still too young to be made to wear a mask...but if really need..can try to let them choose the design they like, get those "twinning" kind and let them wear the same design as you etc

persistency to ask him wear.... then one day he suddenly told us mummy wear mask... so Now he knows go out must wear mask. we let him choose which cartoon he want to wear for that day...

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is he schooling? when he see his peers wearing, he will be more willing to wear it as well.

we are trying to start by adding it as form of a task. he turns 2 soon so preping him


try getting him some cute mask with his favourite cartoon character to encourage him