3 month old to IFC

My LO is starting IFC on 1st November, he'd be slightly over 3 month old by then. I will be returning back to work on 2nd November. How long did your LO take to adapt to IFC? I understand that there is structured nap/feed/play time in IFC, my LO now naps randomly with no schedule.. Worried mama here...

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My LO started IFC earlier. The worries you have for your baby is totally normal! I still have it even though she's in IFC for about a month already. IFC have their schedules & the app is really helpful to keep track of what's going on with your LO at the IFC. Keep your communication with the teachers open too & get them to update you about your LO when you see them during check ins and check outs. Keep the hygiene routine at your best too as its common for babies to get sick when they started IFC. Your LO will adapt & so will you. ^_^ Stay strong~ 😊

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3mo ago

My LO is only 3+ month. The app that the IFC adopted will show when they feed, nap, change diapers, even when they poop! 🤣 The app also has a message platform, where parents or teachers can write short notes to each other, either for information, updates or queries. The teachers usually replied quite fast. As for pictorial updates, not very often. So far, they have updated when they have events such as Children's Day celebration, etc. But for personal milestones & learning development, they updated twice with pictures during the month she's enrolled. Currently, I'm not giving any probiotics to my LO. My husband usually worries what we feed her, especially medications. 😅 I might check with the doctor when she has her 4 month check up regarding probiotics.

usually for IFC they follow the child schedule. like my LO also starts at 3mths. the ifc follow her routines.

3mo ago

thank you mummies for all the assurance. I am really worried about him adapting to ifc but with all your assurance I'm sure he will be in good hands!