My LO has been waking up crying out loudly every 1-2 hours in the middle of the night.. Sometimes he want to be feed sometimes he just want nothing.. He's 5 days old.. May I know when will he start sleeping more through the night? My hub is returning to work soon and I'm afraid he will be greatly affected.

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Hi there, at 5 days old, baby is still readjusting to life outside the womb and that's maybe the reason for the crying. I'm afraid the intermittent crying will continue for a while more. But as baby grows older, the crying will not be as constant. Experts observe that babies will start to sleep for a longer period of time between 4-6 months. However, sleeping through the night for more than an 8-hour stretch typically occurs after 6 months. Baby's ability to sleep through the night can be achieved when night time feedings stop, which baby will be ready for, maybe after 6 months. Hang in there!

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My LO is currently 13days old, he will wake up crying in the middle of the night for milk, or when his diapers are wet/soiled, but sometimes he just want nothing. What I do is, I will set alarm every 2hours to get ready myself for his anytime crying for milk. And after each feeding I'll check his diapers. And if he cry for nothing, just carry him and try to calm him down and make him sleep

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I find swaddling helps a lot. my baby sleeps well until he can start to wriggle out of the swaddle at about 2 weeks old. Like the previous replies, babes are still adapting the outside world and will take time before they get to sleep longer at night. hang in there!

Try swaddling him mummy. It happened to me when my bub is 1 week old too. He is still tying to adapt to the world outside mummy's womb. Hang in there!

Normal during 7th month. Next month will be ok....