Cheeky Rash

LO got sensitive skin and at 6 to 8 weeks he's got massive baby acne on the entire face with a little cradle cap just around the forehead which cleared, but at 14 weeks just as grow spurt begun, rash came back again. But this time the rashes is fierce but only concentrated around his cheeks. It makes him look rosy but not exactly the good way. He's now just 5 months old and rash persist. I've tried cleaning it with cool boiled water as often as I can in the day , used California baby calendula cream, tried YL baby lotion and nothing quite worked as he drools so much now, they get rubbed off as soon as I applied it. Now we see redness and dry rough skin on his cheeks. Any advice or suggestions? This is not a huge problem that I'll take LO to a doctor during this pandemic and risk our health. So I will just see what I can do to help from home. It's just uncomfortable for him and not major I reckon.

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Try ceradan it works for my baby

2y ago

Thanks. Never heard of it but I'll Google.