Rashes on baby cheeks

Dear mommies, My baby is 10 months old, he has got rashes on his cheeks from last 1 month. It will appear, then subside a little and then become worse again. He is on formula milk and solids as well. Don't know If I should be concerned or not. Is this normal among babies or is this heat rash or eczema. Please advise.

Rashes on baby cheeks
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could be he is allergic to something that your feeding him..... you can start by just giving porridge with fish than wait for 2 days and keep introducing other vege or meat to your baby diet. You must wait 2 days each time you introduce anything to your baby if you notice that he starts getting rashes after eating a particular vege or meat than that might be the cause. Also you can try changing milk brand and see if the rashes subsides. Side note you hv such a cute baby

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My little brother have too last time but I’m sure it ok because after that mine little brother didn’t put anything it will go away by itself just make sure it clean over therr