First time mum ( formula milk)

Hello, I am a first time mum. My newborn is only about few days old, I have to use a formula milk due to lack of colostrum. Can I ask if for 2 scoops of dulac is equivalent to 60 fl oz, how about water? After I add to scoops of milk powder do I add the water to make it up to 60? or like hot water half and warm water half? Or what temperature. Sorry please advise.

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Super Mum

Hey Momma, First you’ll need to pour 60ml of warm water into a bottle. If you don’t have warm water, mix a little hot water together with cooled water . Secondly, add 2 level scoops of milk powder. Cover the bottle and swirl to mix. To test if the temp is ok, put a few drops of milk on the back of your hand to make sure it is not too hot. It should just be a little warmer than room temp.

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There's usually an instructions on how much to make for a newborn on the tin itself. You pour a lil bit of hot and already cooled boiled water or just boiled warm water to say 60ml then add 2 scoops of powder. Don't put powder first then water. The water should make up the whole oz.

For myself i follow the recommended dosage written on the can. I add milk powder than add warm water so example if its written 2 scoop milk 60ml water. I put milk powder into bottle than pour warm water to 60ml mark.

60ml warm water, 2 scoops. Not powder then water ya! So means 1 scoop = 30ml water