My lo is close to 9 weeks old and his hair is kinda fine type. How to make baby hair grow denser?

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The mommies in my family swear by the wonders of olive oil (for hair, not cooking haha). They would take a tiny drop and massage it into baby's damp hair and scalp after bathing. I, myself, benefited from this method. I did not have hair till I was nearly 2 years and after my late grandmother tried this method, it worked and now my hair is crazy thick and despite all the dyeing and harsh chemical treatments over the years, it is still rather healthy and strong.

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maybe u can try this as i been using it on my kids for nearly 20 years.its also good for us who keep losing hair too.The best part it has a nice fragrance.u can buy it at malay shop selling jamu or maybe at Geylang.its cost $3 at Geylang,other places selling $3.50-$4

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6y ago

this is a leave on and the fragrance is very nice too

newborns' hair will fall down and replaced with new hair during his 1st year. So don't worry about newborns' hair.

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Keep shaving and shaving! It's work like wonder.