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Hi all my LO is almost 4 months and is still using Avent natural bottle (since newborn) with a capacity of 120ml. Tried introducing her to a bigger bottle as we intend to increase her milk intake, but she rejected the bottle and cried endlessly. How to introduce her to the new bottle?

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Some babies milk intake will never reach the recommended amount per day. My 15 month old daughter can only take max 120ml per feeding and she’s at the 95th percentile for her growth. Even when she was less than 12 months old, she had frequent projectile vomiting after feeding which worried us so I learned that I can’t force feed her too much milk. I gave smaller amounts at shorter intervals instead. At 4 months she was drinking on average about 650ml per 24hrs mixed feeding BM and FM. My 4 year old niece and nephew can only take max 160ml. So don’t be too worried about following the tin’s recommended intake. As long as she is growing well as per doc’s advice, you need not worry. Sometimes when babies cry when we try giving them milk is probably because they could be teething. Or too full. Or they’re tired and just want to sleep or rest. Maybe the flow of the teat is too slow, or too fast. Also it could be growth spurt too, like a phase where they’re not drinking much but compensate the following month instead. Babies wouldn’t know if you change the bottle to a bigger or smaller size. They will only know if you change the teats or give them more or less than their usual intake. Some babies can transition well, while others will take a while to drink more.

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Super Mum

Did you use a diff bottle nipple? Maybe try sticking to the same nipple for awhile.

1y ago

Hello! We used the same nipple!