Changing milk bottle and teat

My baby is 3 months old. I let her tried out 2 different brands of 3 milk bottles according to her age but she cried loudly, refusing to suck on the 3 new bottles. Milk leaking out from the sides of her mouth. When I gave her the old bottle ( the current one which she uses everyday), she stopped crying and finished the milk. Pls help!#pleasehelp #FTM

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Stick to the current bottle. Change the teats when she is ready. Dont change brand. My kids I only change teats not brand.

6mo ago

I took a second look after reading your comment, one of the brand is the same brand as what she is using, just size of bottle is bigger (as in taller bottle , 240ml) and teat is the same. the box is 0+, same as the current same brand.