Lo is 1yr old. Wanted to wean her off from Bf due to work as will be out of town. She is a direct latch baby. Dun like bottle, frozen bm,formula n fresh milk. Tried giving her in cup n straw bottle still the same. Take few solids. Any mummies encounter these before? Any solutions?

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At 1 year old, baby's main source of nutrition should already be coming form solids and not so much of milk. I am not sure what u mean by some solids - quantity or variety is little. I think you should still persist to train her to take the milk via cup/straw or bottle.don't like still have to try i would say. Does baby take water? If yes, how then does baby drink water? Another way is to expand the variety and volume of solids that she is taking to the recommmended amount for her age. For some of the foods, u can add some fm or bm into it so that she is more receptive to the taste. Be conscious or keep track of the foods that is fed to baby to make sure baby have a well balance diet, that she is getting her vitamins and fiber and iron and calcium etc. According to Australian pd articles and reviews, follow up milk after 1 yo is unnecessary and just marked up prices of milk powder with some additional stuff thrown in and it is advertised to prey on parent's insecurity about baby's solids intake.

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