Transition to FM/UHT milk

Hello!! LO is 16mo now, full latch day and night on demand. Planning to start him in a childcare few months from now, so I'm trying to introduce FM and UHT milk in the day, but he rejects. Could anyone share their experience to transit LO to scheduled milk feedings and drinking from milk packets/cups? Any advice to prepare them for school or night weaning? Thanks a lot!! 😊

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Super Mum

Hi Kira, thought I’d reply. My first 2 children were breastfed for 6 months and 3 months respectively. What I’d do is mix my breastmilk with warm fresh milk little by little to get them to like the taste. My second had his teeth at three months and I was afraid of feeding a little chomper so I stopped breastfeeding. Lucky for me he likes fresh milk. So what I did was start with a small amount of fresh milk and more breastmilk and then increase the amount of fresh milk gradually in proportion to the breastmilk until the fully take to fresh milk. I also realise the transition was easier if I wasn’t around so I’d be out of the house during feeding times. I’m sorry if this isn’t of much help :)

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2y ago

thanks so much for sharing! never considered good before could try to let him get used to the taste :))


hi mummy my baby is 19 months now I actually gave nan FM during lunch before nap like how school did. it works. she nurse at night and bottle feed during the day since 2 weeks old. Initially I add a little nan into her breastmilk but somehow the nan smell is quite similar to bm and she just accept it or rather she can't tells the diff.

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2y ago

thanks for sharing, mummy J!! appreciate :))