My lo is 15 month old. Till now only 1 tiny teeth. I hv been feeding him porridge. Is there any prob.

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Trust me, the later they have the teeth the better. My little girl is 18 months and I have to worry so much as her teeth are getting decay due to milk pooling (the ifc Teachers let her have the bottle in the mouth and take afternoon nap for long hours). Her teeth is so weak and a small fall will cause it to chip. My firstborn has her teeth much later (around 12 months old then she started teething) and having perfect teeth even at the age of 5.

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There is no worries about it. Different kids, different development pace. As for the porridge, have you tried chunky porridge? This way he can also eat by chomping with their gums

Is ok that he didn't have many teeth, but I won't continue with porridge anymore. Should start on real solids

Take a chill fellow mommy, babies teeth will eventually come out on its own.

I won't worry about it. my elder only at 18months old start having teeth!

late bloomer. my boy 12 months old no teeth. don't fret.