My Lo is 11 months old and down with flu n cough. His runny nose is getting better but his phlegm seems forever there. Doc gave cough syrup that is supposed to help with phlegm but doesn't seem to help. Any effective medication to help rid phlegm? fluimucil?

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Go tcm massage for babies. If u can go to yu guo child massage at kambangan plaza. The usual peak hours will apply and it's always quite full unless u go during office hrs. Have to go a few days in a row. If u can afford and u can find tcm massage for ur child nearer to u, then go for that. They usually give a sachet of herbal powder to place over the naval region - not the eat medicine type. V safe n reasonably effective. Yu guo doesn't have the best hygiene and it's so full of sick children so U really need to practice v good hygiene there

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