My Lo is 11 months old and down with flu n cough. His runny nose is getting better but his phlegm seems forever there. Doc gave cough syrup that is supposed to help with phlegm but doesn't seem to help. Any effective medication to help rid phlegm? fluimucil?

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Hi my gal had flu around 7mo and she was given phlegm Med no cough Med. She had a bit of phlegm left after the whole bottle of Med was finished but she originally already had a lot of phlegm since birth. After she recovered from flu I found her phlegm started to become more and more again. My point is I think diet and milk powder may be the main cause to her phlegm. She permanently has phlegm these days. But during flu what I did is to keep spraying sterimar to her nose and sucking out the mucus with nasal aspirator and that helped to clear the stocky mucus and phlegm. In terms of food causing phlegm I believe fruits cause phlegm especially citrus fruits and banana so I have tried to avoid giving too much fruits to my gal.

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