my Lo (10month old) is teething.. but the weird part is.. tooth coming out one by it suppose to come out one by one or two at a time? the central incisors.

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Different baby grow differently. As long they are growing their teeth u should be happy. My fren kids took 2 years plus to grow her 1st tooth, so can u imagine it's a bit difficult to intro more harder food and it's more cranky to help them when they are older.

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it depends on each individual. my boy 5mths plus had the bottom right coming out then 2wks later the left side. nw the top right n left coming out together.

his teeth coming out one by one, every time one teeth is coming out, he will have diarrhoea... T. T the poor butt. .keep crying when I wash his butt.

mine came out 1 to 2 each time. so i think its common. dont worry. just need to observe as teethig period they tend to get fever easily. Jiayou mummy

depending in individual. my son 4 came out tgt! some mummies 2 some 1 . different baby different body different growth! hehe.

mine also come out one by one. should be alright, now babies teeth not pop out

It is normal. Some comes out in twos, some in ones. :)

Mine came out one by one. I think it's normal! :)