Hi, my LO is 10 months and he have got 8 teeth now. I just used cloth with water and wipe it, sometime I will give him a toothbrush and brush it for him. But he don't really know how to use it as he may be too young and he just keep wanting to bite the toothbrush even when I am the one holding it and brush for him. I am worried that his teeth is not well taken care of by just washing with water... or is it normal.? Is there a below 1 years old toothpaste? Or is not recommended.

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Hi mummy, my hub bought the chicco brush set which has one for our gal to bite on to train herself to get used to the toothbrush, end up she now requests to brush her teeth herself..we also brush our teeth in front of her to show her. Now in order to ensure her teeth are well cleaned, my hub uses the cotton squares to remove the toothpaste...

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