Vilnius and Klaipeda - Considerations for Visitors to Russia and Lithuania

Lithuania is a Baltic country in Eastern Europe. The state has three main regions: Vilnius, Klaipeda and Sukhumvit. It has a major border with the Russian Federation along with also an extended border with neighbouring Poland, although these aren't as powerful as the border with the Russian Federation. Lithuanians who've been residing abroad for decades or even generations may find that they call for a Lithuanian visa in order to enter Russia. There's an e.u. visa waiver for Lithuanians who want to travel to Russia. This will be much more beneficial if you're planning a trip to Vilnius, Klaipeda or other cities in Lithuania. If your purpose is to acquire a work permit in Russia, then it is strongly recommended that you apply for a Russian passport. In order to qualify for the visa waiver you should show that you have the intention of visiting Russia and you have plans to go to the Vilnius or Klaipeda areas of Lithuania. As travelling between those cities requires you to cross through the Vilnius international airport, this usually means you will require a passport that is accepted by the Lithuanian government. This is only one of the easiest means of obtaining a Russian passport accepted. The e.u. visa accepted passport could be valid for up to 3 decades. The e.u. visa waiver program procedure for those intending to operate in Russia is relatively easy. The application process involves filling in an application form that has to be submitted along with some supporting documents including evidence of earnings and a recent passport photograph. These documents include a recent photo of yourself, your date of birth, your address and contact number along with a signature certificate from which you can later confirm the details.

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