share nyo Naman listahan nyo♥️✌️

Listahn nyo po nang mga baby needs pwde nyo po e share.fro. 0-12months. Necessities and clothes and mga baby stuff na needed ty!♥️✌️

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Super Mum

0- 6months Clothes: tie sides, pajama, onesies Swaddle, bibs, burp cloth, lampin,towel, washcloth Toiletries: soap, shampoo, cotton (rounds or pads), cotton buds, diaper ,baby wipes haircomb and brush For bathing: tub or basin Gears depend on your needs and preference:crib, stroller, baby carrier 6 months onward Sando and tshirts pajama, shorts Gears: high or booster chair, plates and cutlery for weaning

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recommended YT channel "mom jackq" vlogs. very informative ❤️