Any patient of Dr Adrian Woodworth?

Hi, would like to check if anyone is a patient of Dr Adrian Woodworth? And if anyone taking FA scan on their 11th week?

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Hi all, for Dr Adrian I understand that his package is for 13-15 visits but what happens if someone only goes to him from middle of 2nd trimester? Will the package price be adjusted accordingly? Also how's the technology of his ultrasound scan machines like? Does he let you hear your child's heartbeat during the scan? For detailed 20-week scan is there any 4D picture/video? Thanks!

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2mo ago

He doesn’t let to hear the heartbeat. And no 4d scan. His machine is the pretty old kind.

Dr. Adrian Woodworth is very knowledgeable and caring, and listens to your every issue patiently. I am highly satisfied with both the experience and my treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr Adrian Woodworth to my friends and family.

My personal review of Dr. Adrian Woodworth is that he’s honest, approachable & a good listener. His charges are pretty affordable for a private gynaecologist in Singapore. I sure would recommend Dr. Adrian Woodworth.

Dr. Adrian Woodworth is highly skilled, professional & friendly. He doesn’t like to talk much but gets the work done which is the most important part. I Highly recommend Dr. Adrian Woodworth.

My close friend suggested that I consult Dr. Adrian Woodworth. He is highly knowledgeable, dependable, kind, and compassionate. The hospitality is very good as well.

Dr. Adrian Woodworth is one of the best gynecologists and importantly a very good human being. He truly cares for his patients and provides appropriate treatment.

Hi I'm with Dr Adrian Woodworth. Did both FA and Detailed Scan

10mo ago

Are you referring to panorama test? It took 14 days.