Can mummy consumes collagen during pregnancy?

Would like to ask all the mummy here whether can consumes collagen during pregnancy?

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im resuming my collagen suppl type 1 & 3 tablets at 18weeks coz i see the difference once i stopped collagen supp when i got pregnant (hair nails weaker, skin dry). i did asked the gynae if i can take it during my 1st gynae check, but he didn't bother to really check n just generally said just avoid at the moment. i did my own check and found most articles mentioned safe to take (but not thosw kinohimitsu or those bottled type) and found some pregnant ladies taking the same collagen supp as mine, so i start taking it back at lower dosage...

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Super Mum

While you should always check with your doctor when starting a new supplement, collagen supplements are generally considered safe during pregnancy. They can be beneficial, even.


it's better to check with your gynae to be safe


think it's better to consult your gynae