skin problem..

Last week, i consulted my baby to a dermatoligist through online consultation. My baby now is suffering from itchy, red skin, then turns out to scars. It started since we move here in our province from the city. The doctor says that my baby has skin asthma. Then she prescribed mild soap and lotion for my baby. Which is better physiogel,cetaphil,aveeno,dove?Then i checked that cetaphil and aveeno both has its variants depends of what type of lotion. Please i need your suggestions, its really stressful. Thank you so much..

skin problem..
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I only tried aveeno (oat line of product) and cetaphil out of 4 options you asked. Both helped, but cetaphil is more expensive. 👉 Please leave a ❤ for my #tapmario photo contest. Thank you very much.

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