How many weeks pregnant ?

My last mensus was on Oct 17, I just got married on Nov 12 and tested positive on 1st dec. Is anyone able to tell me how many weeks pregnant am I?

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If you go by your last menses, you are 6 weeks + 5 days pregnant today (3 Dec). However, this is not the most accurate, and you’ll need a dating ultrasound scan to get a more accurate result. You may also ask how it’s possible for you to be pregnant earlier than your wedding date (assuming that’s the first time you were intimate). Well, the 40 weeks of pregnancy is actually calculated in relation to your menses date, so it doesn’t mean you got pregnant 6 weeks + 5 days ago.

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Super Mum

If ur period is regular, use online tool to calculate pregnancy week using ur last menses date. If it’s not regular, it’s still ok to go down and see gynae to confirm ur pregnancy and see if you are able to see anything on ultrasound

They usually start counting from the first day of your last period. But if your cycle is not regular, it can differ and a scan will be able to date the baby via measurement. Hope this helps!

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Schedule an appointment with your gynecologist and he/she will be able to advise accordingly

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Can I go to the gynae now itself to scan or do I need to wait longer ?

3y ago

You can make an appointment already

Dating scan should be able to verify the correct age of you pregnancy :)

it depends on how regular your menses are...go see a doc to find out!

I suggest better to get dating scan at the gynae

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when you do your ultrasound, you'll know

You’ll need a dating scan at the gynae