Postpartum bleeding

Ladies, how long did your postpartum bleeding last? When did it stop?

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Vaginal postpartum bleeding is the heavy flow of blood and mucus that starts after delivery and continues for up to 10 days. Light bleeding and spotting after pregnancy can continue for up to four to six weeks after delivery (though it varies from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy). The heaviest of the bleeding will last for about three to 10 days after labor and delivery, and then it should taper off to lighter spotting after pregnancy. You'll see the difference in the color as this starts to happen, from red to pink, then brown, and finally to a yellowish white. Bleeding should stop flowing around four to six weeks after delivery, though it can end sooner or later depending on the woman and the pregnancy.

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i bleed for quite long...more than 2 months..till i was so scared something was wrong..but my gynae told me its normal and everyone is different.

I remember mine last about a week or so, not sure is it normal to last that short though.

Hi, It can be more than a month. Also depends from person to person hormonal changes

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Usually will last about 6 weeks. Mine lasted about 8 weeks before it ended.

3y ago

Yup. After the initially few days it was spoting for about 8 weeks

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Hi... This condition can occur up to six weeks following delivery.


I had c section so had light postpartum bleeding for just 2 weeks

It defers from person to person. Mine was a month.

Mine slightly more than a month

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It lasted for more than a month