postpartum period

Does any Mummy experience cramps during bleeding and how long does it take to stop postpartum period?

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less than 2 weeks for me with post natal massage. cramps does happen as that's our uterus shrinking (similar to having cramps when when we were pregnant and uterus expanding)

You mean lochia? For my first baby 2 weeks. Second baby 1 week. I had cramping while breastfeeding for the first week.

My PP lochia bleeding lasted for a month to 1.5m. Currently bf so my period not back yet.

1mo ago

If you’re referring to the first month, the cramps are like contractions which means your uterus/womb is shrinking back in size. If it’s really very very unbearable, do visit your gynae asap! Take care 🫶🏻

i had locia blood for 2 weeks very cramps im not breast feeding

Yes it’s normal. Mine was during first month

After birth you will bleed for 6 weeks.