To muslim preggie moms, this fasting month...

Do you ladies feel more dizzy in the evening after breaking fast instead of in the day? Been feeling this headache every night 😭

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If it is affecting you then you should not fast. Your health and your growing baby is more important. Try not fasting for a few days and see if there’s any difference. Headache usually constitutes to dehydration. Be careful. It can also affect the amniotic fluid. Muslim STM here and both my pregnancies I chose not to fast for fear of insufficient nutrients and fluids to my babies.

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6mo ago

Same here. I choose not to fast for fear of repercussions on the baby. I've lost my first baby before so I don't want to do anything risky. But I hate the guilt people try to place oh expecting mothers during Ramadan!

Same! I managed to fast like 3days only but at night will get dizzy n unwell. Gynae told me to stop fasting if I can't cause it's not good for baby too. Beginning i feel guilty too, but then again.. Allah make it simple for us. We can qada back after this. Some pregnant mom can fasting some couldn't so don't feel guilty ya! It's u n baby health important ❤️ Salam Ramadhan

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I tried fasting for a week and i ended up w a bad gastric. I thought it was the start of my morning sickness bcs I don’t have any (Alhamdulillah) but i felt weird bcs I can’t seem to drink or eat as i ended up vomiting. Went to the Dr, Dr said don’t fast bcs takut baby kering, so since then, i tak puasa. And im only on my week 5 going to 6!

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I’m 9 months pregnant and I do fast every 2 days and 1 day break because I do get weak. Please don’t force yourself to it everyday if you don’t have the energy. Do not also fear if anything affects the baby if you are fasting for the sake of Allah SWT. Leave all your worries to him as he protects you and your little baby ❤️

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I'm 11 weeks pregnant, only manage to fast half day on the 1st of Ramadan and after that did not continue to fast the following days as my MS is pretty bad. please do not fast for now, take care of ur health and pregnancy. Hydrate yourself and eat in small frequent meals. InshaaAllah, may He ease our affairs and be merciful upon us.

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it is not normal .. i am pregnant 26weeks and been fasting since day 1 of ramadan .. i don't feel any headaches or dizzy at all .. please do not fast if you are feeling like that, please take care of yourself and baby. can always qada puasa once you gave birth! :)

Oh dear. It shouldn't be the case. Don't force and torture yourself if it is making you suffer. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not obligated to fast so don't pressure yourself if your body is clearly telling you should ease yourself. ❤

36 weeks pregnant. I’m unable to fast due to really bad heartburn and i get dizzy easily. Always listen to your own body. Can always pay back your fast after you give birth. 🙂

dont force yourself if its affecting you. i tried fasting for 2 days but i vomit once i break fast and sahoor. till now ive yet to fast and im at my 31 weeks.

Feeling dizzy after buka is not normal, especially if you're pregnant. It is a genuine reason to not fast. Take care of yourself and baby, mummy.