Ramadhan Month - Should I fast or not?

Hello, I would like to ask those muslim moms whom fasted during the fasting month, how you mummies experience? fast or no fast?

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If your body can take it, by all means you can continue fasting... it’s not forbidden for pregnant woman to fast anyway for as long as it doesn’t harm you or the baby.. Taken from MUIS: 15. What is the legal ruling on the fast for pregnant women? A pregnant woman may fast if she is physically able to do so. If she is not able to fast, she is allowed to break her fast. If she does not fast for fear of her own health and safety, she has to make up the days she had missed (qadha’) only. However, if she does not fast for fear of her child’s health, she has to make up the days she had missed (qadha’) and pay fidyah for the days she had missed.

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i fasted as usual and was interns as a student nurse at the same time. so i had really irregular sahur and buka. adding up, i was pregnant too (I didn't know at that point of time, but there are days i broke fast bc i feel 'sick') fast or not fast, only you know your body. as long you dont force yourself and harm yourself and baby, its alright to fast. rmbr to drink lots of water during sahur and eat energy booster food to last the whole day if youre planning to fast. take care mummy 🥰

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I fasted during my pregnancy. I was in my 2nd trimester that point of time and working as a preschool teacher. For me I managed to keep my fast the whole day as I was busy and didn't really feel the need to eat or drink. But concerned people asked me not to fast. So I didn't fast once a week to keep them feel better. Because to me if you feel that you can do it then do so. But of course don't be too drastic until something bad happens.

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It's entirely up to you if you can fast. If can, good for you but if you cannot also it's ok because you're pregnant. On a brighter note, you can always pay back later. As for me, I fast when i really can. If i really can't, i'll just do half day. We all need to think of this little human being in our bellies Selamat hari raya in advance! :)

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Wanted to fast but my husband don't allow due to the baby. Will skip for the first time. Maybe 2nd child can try. But you may ask the doc for advise. My colleague was pregnant and she fast last her. She was 4-5 months pregnant at that time. But she couldn't take it. She felt nauseous.

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According to Islam, pregnant women are allowed to quit fasting during Ramadan. She can make up for the missed fasts later, when she is healthy. Pregnant women who fast during Ramadan could be putting the health of their unborn baby at risk.

It really depends on your body. If you can fast,go ahead but if you cant please dont force yourself. Dont think too much into it. Whats important is both baby and yourself are safe. Take care! 🙂

I believe it depends on your body. If u can fast then, go ahead. But if not, its ok not to fast as you are pregnant. You can always pay back when you’re healthy. Selamat Hari Raya in advance!!

During my first pregnancy in 2017, doctor advised me not to fast. This time round for 2nd pregnancy, my husband don't allow me to fast because the foetus/baby need all the nutrients from us.

My gynae is Muslim and she says it’s fine for me to fast (please check with your own doctor first though!). She provided me with this handout with some tips that I found useful too.

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thank you for replying. it helps. =)