Am at kkh to see lactation consultant now as this morning massage lady came to me hse but still unable to solve my block duct which caused engorged. Then my husband tell me to STOP breastmilk since supply drop (after one time fever) compared to previously. Saying i can spend more time with the boys. He told me to let doctor know so can give medicine to stop. Personally felt that i hve been providing bm for my twins till now which abt 11 mths. Thus kind of sad that i cant provide them bm if were to stop completely. Thinking should i stop completely or slowly reduce? If slowly reduce will it still caused engorge again? So troubled...feel like crying.. wat shd i do! ☹

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Do what you best can. Breastfeeding is just a short period of time if stopping will help save your sanity. Your hubby ain't wrong that you stop providing bm to spend more time with children. He probably couldn't bear to see you suffering and the engorgement or inability to meet demands upsets you. No doubt producing bm creates that special bond with your children, it is just that short period of time compared to loosing your sanity and happiness for a much longer period of time. The risk is for you to weigh. Stopping bm doesn't make you lesser of a mother. Effort and amount of time spent with children makes alot of differences too. Taking meds to stop is pretty quick. Doing the weaning off method will need some time and may have engorgement too. Just half empty your boobies each time. Pump only when you feel full. Take good care mummy.

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i will slowly reduce then giving it a sudden stop. Slowly reduce the pumping, if engorged, express a little for comfort. You come a long way for expressing for ur twins!

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